SMSRanger OTP BOT 2023

SMSRanger to help ease some work stress. Just like the SMSranger and many other web bots out there, they are created to make working less stressful, mainly if you deal with a large audience and don’t want to come out as slow, the SMS bot helps communicate with your audience or users, as replies are automated and if configured very well can come out as human.

Review: SMSRanger 2023 Bot OTP

The SMSranger is one of the most advanced SMS capture bots and comes with various features and customization that make it one of the best in the market.


I would’ve personally not completed a review about SMSRanger 2022 Bot OTP. After using this Bot, I decided you have to know about this Bot and its excellent features, though just like every product, it has its pros and cons. I will also be discussing it, but trust me; you will love it.


SMSRanger Customization

One of the best things about SMSRanger 2023 Bot OTP is its total user control feature, i.e., you, as the bot owner, have full control over how your Bot works and can customize how it looks and feels and also how the Bot works even in delivery fetching data and executing commands I give them kudos on this one, SMSranger gives you total control on the behavior of your Bot.

Attackers use a bot to send automatic messages to people, allegedly on behalf of a bank, PayPal, etc.

Cybercriminals have armed themselves with a new, simplified attack tool based on scripts from the Telegram messenger that allows them to create bots to steal credentials with a one-time password, intercept control of user accounts and steal bank funds.

How reported experts from the information security company Intel 471, cybercriminals use a bot script called SMSRanger to send automatic messages to people, allegedly on behalf of a bank, PayPal or other popular financial applications.

Automatic messages prompt users to send One Time Password (OTP) codes along with other account information. If successful, Telegram bots collect codes, allowing hackers to bypass the bank’s OTP verification system, hack the user account and withdraw funds.

SMSRanger differs from other tools in its ease of use. The ability to specify numbers, goals and the company that the program will disguise as is quite simple, so the criminal only needs to know some basic script commands in Telegram. Because of this, the SMSRanger tool is popular not only among experienced cybercriminals, but also among relatively unskilled cybercriminals.

Once the target’s phone number has been entered, the bot does the rest of the work, according to experts, ultimately granting access to any successfully attacked account. Users claim that SMSRanger is about 80% effective if the victim answered the call and the information provided was accurate and new.

SMSRanger isn’t the only bot that uses easy-to-use scripting functions. Intel 471 also discovered the SMS Buster tool capable of stealing even more detailed account information such as credit card numbers and CVV codes.


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