The Fraud Bible originally published early this year has become a viral sensation.
The FraudBible promises would-be hackers, scammers, and novice fraudsters a way to make a quick buck from everything from carding, to gift carding to creating fake id’s and more.
The Fraud Bible is the only book a would-be fraudster needs to get started on a lucrative and crime-ridden career.
Depending on where you look, the Fraud Bible will either cost you several hundred of dollars or as a low as “120$” In any case, it appears that this bible is, in fact, the hottest book on the internet.
The Fraud Bible has been out for over 6 months, but for whatever reason just began going viral earlier.

35 Gigabytes of Material in One Download

In written form, a traditional bible would take approximately (4.1MB) on your computer.
But the Fraud Bible takes a whopping 35 gigabytes and has over 14,000 separate instructional PDF’s, credit card files and probably a couple of hundred viruses and malware embedded in those files (to help get your work done).

The Titles of the Folder Reveal Just How Detailed Fraudsters Get

The titles of the folders in the Fraud Bible reveal just how specific fraudsters are getting in their targeting and exposing of holes.
Here are some of the items that you get with the Fraud Bible:

  • Easy Cardable Sites – Sites that are easy to use fraudulent cards on
  • Carding Amazon – How to card Amazon
  • Cash Out Bank Account Codes – Actual bank codes for cash outs
  • eBay Carding – How to card eBay
  • Hack Websites Using Android – Using android specifically to target sites
  • CC Verifier – How to verify cards as legitimate
  • And many more

Now many of these titles and PDF’s seem to have been aggregated by an individual and placed in a single downloadable zip file. The Fraud Bible seems to almost be a single extract of many of the things you could buy or sell right on the dark web.

Social Media is Pushing Fraud Rates Up

No matter what industry you analyze, fraud rates are up and that is in large part due to the sharing and distribution of methods by fraudsters.
When information is shared so quickly, fraudsters can rapidly attack the same hole and cause millions of dollars in losses for a bank, an internet site or merchants.

So, buy and keep this book private ,

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